Coworking Brussels

Brussels is the capital of the European Union, but also a city of experience! An urban town full of parks and green areas. Co-working space is a place of lobbying and EU policy in the very heart of Brussels. Our specialty is:

  • organizing meetings with EU institutional representatives, international organizations, associations and networks, regional and local delegations headquartered in Brussels
  • organizing thematic study visits to regional and local delegations or business delegations in Brussels or Belgium
  • networking with partners for high-value projects and partnerships and the development of roundtables
  • space sharing for meetings with partners or a work desk close to the European Parliament
  • organizing educations, consultations and implementation of the program packages


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Coworking Vodnjan

In Istria, the westernmost county of the Republic of Croatia, the view is splendid: from the snowy whiteness of the nearby mountains, green fields, vineyards and olive groves on hillsides to pure blue sea. As well as the natural and cultural heritage, the co-working space in Vodnjan is not just a plain working space - it is the place of encounter, growth, development, dedicated work and a vacation for the soul!

The coworking space in Vodnjan is compiled of several objects in the very nearness that offers different contents and ambiance. In the building on 9th St. Katerina Street, there are associations from the area of Vodnjan, a part of the freelancers and the Informo team in a permanent exhibition. Work desks, printing equipment, internet, mailbox, meeting space, a projector, fridge and free coffee/tea and water are available, and of course a great multicultural working atmosphere.

The second co-working space is located in the Eko-Museum - a historic building in the Old Town core, where we have stopped in the past through careful restoration of space, displaying items, tools, and furniture used in everyday life, which were given to us by local community members. The exhibits and collections exhibited in the space particularly motivate and create an inspirational atmosphere. The lower part of the Eko-Museum is used for selling local products Bread is baked in an old baking oven and you can taste wine made in the traditional way. In the remaining three floors there are three rooms that serve as private offices, one room for meetings and team buildings and a space for Skype conversations. Besides comfortable space, you can use other benefits: internet access, printing equipment, projector, kitchen with refrigerator and free coffee/tea/water.

These two spaces are located in the Old Town core and are divided only by a few minutes walking.

Another benefit we offer is the nearness of the Didactic Farm. There is an olive grove, a garden with aromatic herbs, a vegetable garden and a barn with donkeys, boškarin, goats, and chickens - the right place to rest your soul. If you choose to work, there is a separate corner with table and chairs. If you come during the season, we traditionally pick olives together and hang after work so we would be glad to invite you to join us.

We care about environmental sustainability and our community. Feel the original flavors and natural flavors of traditional products that we offer in our Eco-Lab. You can eat and drink in the Lab or make an order online. We deliver food as well for meetings, team buildings and all our events.

Also, you can buy shirts, bags, and scarves that are eco-printed and by thus supporting the work of people with special needs.

During the whole year, we prepare lots of events and after-work socializing such as guitar evenings, think thank about local problems, skill sharing, hobby courses, movie evenings, bread and pasta making, ... Great thing is that the sea is only a ten-minute away by car.

More je svega desetak minuta vožnje od Vodnjana.

Accommodation can be organized in a co-living house, a villa with a pool or an apartment overlooking the sea - the choice is yours. We can also pick you up at the airport and bring you safely to our city of Vodnjan. You can rent bicycles in the Eco-Museum for the city ride and exploration of Istria.

Lectures and events can also be organized in the beautiful city of Fažana nearby the sea.


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