Ongoing projects

  • ISSE- Improving Skills of Social Entrepreneurs

    ISSE project aims to increase the visibility of social entrepreneurship by developing tools for new social entrepreneurs to enable them to professionalize their profile and support them to make their businesses sustainable in the future, with the added value of promoting these ideals among the adult population. This project will make adults people better understand the social economy sector and will support them by strengthening their managerial skills, professionalism and networking...

  • ETHICSBOARD: Teaching ethical principles and sustainable entrepreneurship at schools and at their related communities

    ETHICSBOARD project aims to promote a new culture of entrepreneurship and skills in School Education in Europe and to prevent unemployment and social exclusion of young people. The main scope is to address the identified challenges and opportunities related to entrepreneurship in school education. This project will enable students to develop and promote entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurial skills and Portfolios, ensure the benefits of an early childhood education, help develop critical and...

  • E-CUL-TOURS: Managing Cultural Heritage in Tourism

    The purpose of E-CUL-TOURS project is to improve employment possibilities of students with the development of new skills. That will be achieved with new forms of learning that give them knowledge they will be able to implement directly in the labor market. Competences will be acquired with the innovative master module the present project will develop and through the case studies the students will have to develop. These will be implemented in real working situations and will see the active...

Finished projects

  • European Horizons of 1917 – its significance and lessons learned

    “European Horizons of 1917 – its significance and lessons learned” is aimed at raising awareness of the Western Balkans and the EU citizens as well as contributing to citizens' understanding of the Union, its history and diversity through a commemoration of one of the major historical turning points in recent European history – social and political revolutions, the fall of empires and their impact on Europe's political and historical landscape during 1917. A set of thematic public debates will be...

  • Talented Europe

    Talented Europe’ wants to create an application and a website to connect best students all over Europe to the companies. This project will allow companies to hire the best students in whichever European country. Thousands of companies will have direct access to students’ contact information, and better marks those students get greater possibilities they will have to find a job. The app wants to be a showcase with a ranking of the best students in Europe. In fact, only those students who...

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