From an idea to eu project

Duration: all year round
Location: Vodnjan (Croatia) and Brussels

You are not sure if your idea is well-conceived and acceptable for a particular EU funding? You are insecure about developing a project idea and budgeting? Are there additional grants, funding sources, and loans that you can use? How to create a business plan, fill in a logical matrix, how to properly design a project and avoid the most common mistakes? How to even search for and find quality and reliable partners in the project? Come to us with an idea and come back with the EU project!
This is a unique package in which we accelerate your project idea into a realized project. While your idea is realizing, you can also meet new business associates, enjoy organic food, nature, sea and additional activities and events.

The program consists of the following items:

An overview of available fundings
poslovna ideja
Developing a project idea
b plan
Creating a business plan
Finding and contracting trusted partners
Online education
Applying to the EU, national tenders and international sources of funding
co working
Co-working space
eco event
Participation in our events
Organized activities
eco hrana
Organically grown food
eco welcome
SIM card, welcome and airport transport, welcome pack

For 30 days spending with us, we will educate you through online educations (for which you will receive a certificate) and follow your work on the project. You will cooperate with us and our collaborators in improving your project. At the same time, we will search for suitable partners in our international network of contacts and agree on the terms and responsibilities of individual partners in the project. We will provide you organic food prepared in the traditional way and enable work in our co-working spaces. Do not worry, you will not only work days and nights. That is why we have also created our events and activities in which you can participate for free, enjoy and make new friends and partnerships.

It is also possible to monitor you during the realization of the project itself:

Project Implementation Assistance

Reporting Help

Website development and logo development

Help with creating professional photos

Help with a marketing strategy

Education on how to manage and change web content

The results:

The project idea is defined and tailored to the project

EU project elaborated

Reliable partners founded and deals contracted

Additional grants and credits found (depending)

EU project reported (depending)

Improved knowledge in EU project management and certification

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