Team building

Duration: all year round
Location: Vodnjan and surroundings

The goal of each employer is to hire quality staff that will not only do their tasks properly but enrich their business with their ideas. Also, it is very important for an employee that his work is evaluated properly and conditions for self-development are offered to him. Socialization and creating friendships at work not only raise morale but also encourage better and more successful resolution of everyday problems that arise. Team Building is needed to understand the strengths, weaknesses, and interests of colleagues/superiors and to learn how to work better. Do you want to be an employer who attracts talents and employs only the best? Do you want your employees become passionate about building and developing your company? How to keep a quality staff? We have prepared a win-win program for all!

Depending on your preferences, team size, and team building direction, we've created a three packages that will change your business by 180 degrees!


Nature Package

  • Accommodation in rural area
  • Activities in nature such as agrofitness
  • Trip to Brijuni islands
  • Tailor-made educations

Adrenaline Package

  • Excllusive villa with a pool
  • Adrenaline activities
  • Trip to Brijuni islands
  • Tailor-made educations

Mixture package

  • Accommodation in rural area/excllusive villa with a pool
  • Activities in nature such as agrofitness/adrenalin activities
  • Trip to Brijuni islands
  • Tailor-made educations

Tailor-made educations:

How to increase the team's efficiency
How to improve interpersonal relationships
b plan
How to realize your potentials on the workplace
co working
Co-working space for brainstorming new ideas
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