What is the European Projects Association - EPA?

European Projects Association (EPA) is politically independent nonprofit organization focused on research and development, innovation and internationalization. The use of innovative information and communication technologies is a distinctive characteristic of this leading cooperation network dedicated to the European projects stakeholders. EPA supports the goals of organizations, experts and individuals with a complete set of ICT tools on My Europa platform and services that foster development, effective implementation and efficient dissemination of EU projects. EPA is a recognized innovative actor at the European level as a point in which knowledge and experience meet to create an ideal multimedia environment for the development of European projects.

EPA acts through:

14 Multidisciplinary Councils
Regional and Local Council; Business and Economy Council; Academic and Research Council; Associations and Networks Council

Members can participate in one or more Councils according to their interest topics


22 Transversal Committees
South East Europe Committee; Information and Technology Committee

Committees are activated according to the topics relevant for the members, a member can propose to activate and form a new Committee.


35 Territorial Contact Points active in 2013
Belgium, Brussels Capital, Finnovaregio Foundation; Croatia, Region of Istria, Informo Association; Italy, Region of Lazio, Ken Parker Sistemi; Slovenia, Novo Mesto, University of Novo Mesto; United Kingdom, Caephilly, Nautilus

After one year of Membership every Organisation can apply to become an EPA Territorial Contact Point (TCP). A TCP applies EPA’s methodology and values and can act on National (NCP), Regional (RCP) or Local (LCP) level. A TCP has the international structure and support of the Association for a potentially strong local growth. TCPs have 20% discount on the Organisation Membership fee and other benefits that you can consult on http://europeanprojects.org//network/ncp


The overall structure operates on the basis of 13 Working Groups on My Europa platform. A member decides to participate in one or more Working Groups that correspond to their priorities or fields of interest. Information such as calls for proposals, partner searches, EU programmes and events are distributed through these working groups;


(1) Agriculture, Fisheries and Foods; (2) Economy, Finance and Tax; (3) Education, Training, Culture and Youth; (4) Employment and Social Affairs; (5) Energy and Natural Resources; (6) Enterprise and Industry; (7) Environment, Consumers and Health; (8) Information, Communication and Media; (9) External Relations and Foreign Affairs; (10) Justice, Fundamental Rights and Home Affairs; (11) Regions and Local Development; (12) Research, Innovation and Technology; (13) Transport, Tourism and Travel.


The mission of the European Projects Association is to provide all information, networking, services and tools needed to improve the participation in EU funded projects to achieve higher capacity of absorption of EU funding.

This mission is pursued through specific objectives:

  • to increase the effects of EU policies using EU funding instruments
  • to make the best use of good practices
  • to improve capacity of EU funds absorption
  • to promote new partnerships
  • to work at local level through Territorial Contact Points (TCPs)
  • to broaden the knowledge and understanding of the European Union and the process of European integration, giving an easier access to the information and the possibilities offered by EU institutions


The successful delivery of the Europe 2020 strategy depends on the involvement of all sections of the society.

The responsibility for action does not stop with governments!

Giving access to knowledge and facilitating the cooperation, education and know how transfer, European Projects Association aims to achieve the objectives outlined by the European Commission; through the knowledge transfer of academic research and stimulating the employment and professional improvement of young people.

The European Projects Association is based upon the following values:


sharing information, knowledge and experience, learning from each other. A more efficient use of European funds can be achieved through online networking.


values, ideas and different experiences must therefore meet, not only to promote the special features, skills and aspirations, but also to connect the people behind the ideas.


we believe not only in young generations’ enthusiasm but also in their competences. Investing in skills and creativity of the youth will support their involvement in European processes and ensure the “social quality” in our Community.

Corporate social responsibility:

EPA is investing in the future of Europe: 50% of the income generated by memberships and members’ contribution is used to finance scholarships and traineeships for young enthusiastic professionals and good project ideas.

Political independence:

our governance, programs and policies are non-partisan, independent from specific governments, political parties or the business sector


we will constantly develop new features and improve our services. Giving access to knowledge and facilitating the cooperation, education and know-how transfer our Association has the opportunity to research the processes and interactions between the stakeholders in order to optimize the methodology of design and implementation of European Projects. Founding our project on the use of information and communication technology tools with a correct ethic, the further development of EPA is strongly connected with the knowledge sharing and the ICT innovations.
The educational activities and the methodology diffusion through best practice dissemination will continue to be the propeller for the growth of the European Projects Association.

EPA’s evolutionary potential is large; it is a rather young association, but it's already experiencing exponential growth


The broader function of the European Projects Association is to contribute in building a better Europe using the European funding opportunities to finance development projects in the best possible way.

1 As an NGO based on an inclusive professional network with a particular ethic philosophy we focus on :

  • development of competences needed to improve the participation in European Projects and develop professionalism in projects management.
  • to encourage youth participation in the Europes' building process.

2 As a facilitator between the organizations, experts and young professionals EPA contributes to the job creation and to the development of the European Knowledge Economy, through the coordination of activities for the creation and exchange of good practices in the field of European projects, in terms of professionalism and competence of its members

  • Development of a "trademark" of quality in the field of creating documents, financial plans and management of European projects
  • Organizing "Network" activities, in order to help the creation of a consortium and the participation of its members in the European projects
  • Creation of a database for finding and offering job opportunities
  • Creating a database of European project experts

3 As a non-profit Association, EPA is investing in the future of Europe. 
Our social contribution model is one of the core and most important functions. It is of great importance for us to develop a healthy climate and conditions that support a more practical education in technology and management of European projects. On the other side we invest part of the of the social contribution funds as reward for the best project of the year. In this way we support the practical approach and process of making the projects and project management activities especially the ones that are lead and managed via our platform.

4 As a Network EPA also works as a “virtual office”.
Citizens’ Digital Participation is usually seen as a tool of consultation or market research. This means that citizens’ opinion is not taken into consideration in order to understand their real needs, but only to see whether they agree with the policies proposed by the institutions.

Considering the new technologies as tools able to "increase the resources of citizens, promoting a greater propensity for active citizenship and participation” we base most of our activities on “MyEuropa”  platform.  A web based platform that is above all a working tool co-designed through involvement of different members, employees, providers and competitors. A place where ideas and best practices are shared and discussed.

The MyEuropa platform is in constant evolution thanks to the suggestions and involvement of the users contributing to its optimisation and growth.

5 Through Collaboration Agreements with relevant association private and public bodies (the European Academy for Education and Social Research; the International University Institute for European Studies - IUIES), the activities of EPA are in constant growth.