European Horizons of 1917

"Its significance and lessons learned"



European Projects Association presents the project "European Horizons of 1917 - its significance and lessons learned" co-funded by the European for Citizens programme of European Union.

We aims raising awareness of the Western Balkans and the EU citizens as well as contributing to citizens' understanding of the Union, its history and diversity through a commemoration of one of the major historical turning points in recent European history – social and political revolutions, the fall of empires and their impact on Europe's political and historical landscape during 1917.

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The project involves 6 partners from Belgium, Italy, Monténégro, Hungary and Serbia selected according to their expertise and their experience in participating in programmes financed by the European Union.

  • European Projects Association Asbl
  • Centar Za demokratsku Tranziciju (Lead applicant)
  • Central European Heritage
  • Pagani Maurizio Silvio
  • Fundacja Centrum Stosunkow Miedzynarodowych
  • Udruga Falis
  • HMM...

Objectives & Activities

Within the programme “Europe for citizens“, with the support of the European Commission, we will discuss with citizens essential historical, political and cultural aspects of a previous hundred-year period with a desire to talk about future through a dialogue about past.

Our primary goal is to demonstrate that Europe does not consist only of a bureaucratic negotiation process or obligations which countries have in this process. Also, not only amounts of money which we will receive from the EU funds or knowledge about the creation of the European Union make us European, but also a system of democratic and cultural values which has been creating for centuries. These values will be a focus of our project.

Through public debates on social and political revolutions, fall of empires and their influence on political and historical course of Europe after 1917, citizens from seven countries (Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, Belgium, Poland, Italy and Hungary) will be reminded of significance of events from 1917 for the European values and its positive and negative horizons.

We want to initiate a dialogue, which will affirm a way of thinking that everything can be overcome and a new future and cooperation can start even after perennial cruel wars and conflicts, expressed rivalries among the European countries and millions of dead and injured people.

We want to remind ourselves of the fact how then events gave birth to the creation of many fundamental European values.

Our goal is to bring back memories related to the last years of the World War Two when Europe was at the bottom, but also these years surprisingly led to solving of many significant issues which were in another plan: the right to vote, labour rights, women’s rights and many other significant issues.

Through a set of different public debates, TV shows, documentary stories, exhibitions of photographs from that period, our plan is to tell the story of the European values. 

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