EUROPEAN PROJECTS AWARDS – IDEAS COMPETITION is an initiative part of the campaign “WHAT ARE YOU DOING ..for a better society?”.

It aims to give visibility and help the implementation of interesting project ideas that could positively impact communities, territories and sectors.

The competition is following the topics of MyEuropa platform, the online network created by EPA in cooperation with the European Academy for Education and Social Research, in order to gather the European projects stakeholders. The network is divided into 13 working groups shaped to cover all the economic and social sectors. Based on that, different competitions will be launched on the platform during the year, for projects belonging to different working groups each time:

Agriculture, fisheries and foods

Economy, finance and tax

Education, training, culture and youth


Employment and social affairs

Energy and natural resources

Enterprise and industry

Environment, consumers and health

External relations and foreign affairs

Information, communication and media

Justice, fundamental rights and home affaires

Regions and local development

Research, innovation and technology

Transport, tourism and travel


Everyone who has a valuable idea to develop that belongs to these categories is welcome to nominate it by filling in the application form and uploading the concept on MyEuropa.

How to submit your idea in 3 simple steps:

  1. Go to platform, login or register.
  2. Click “Promote” on the upper menu bar and choose “Projects”.
  3. Fill in the application form with your idea details and press “Create project” button.

A jury of experts will carefully consider the ideas submitted and choose a particularly challenging, interesting one. The ideas can be nominated as public so the community can interact with the proponent, or set as private so only the jury will be able to evaluate them.


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