Winners European Projects Awards Winners of the European Projects Awards 2012


Target groups of the 1st edition

European Projects Awards is open for everybody interested in writing projects eligible for European funding. Target groups vary depending on the initiatives and topics EPA rewards; public entities, state, county, city, governmental agencies, public educational institutions, private organizations, etc.

In the first edition of the Awards EPA will reward projects already financed, or the project ideas suitable for financing through various EU programmes covering the following fields:

Agriculture, fisheries and foods 

agri taxes

 Economy, finance and tax

Education, training, culture and youth 

education jobs

 Employment and social affairs

Energy and natural resources 

energy industry

 Enterprise and industry

Environment, consumers and health 

health foreign

 External relations and foreign affairs

Information, communication and media 

communication justice

 Justice, fundamental rights and home affaires

Regions and local development 

regional research

 Research, innovation and technology

Transport, tourism and travel 



Any public or private body is eligible for this Awarding edition, as long as their project ideas, ongoing and finished projects are or could fall in the above listed categories.

Topics and categories

European Projects Association will reward projects that fall in the following three categories:

  • Project Ideas
  • Ongoing Projects
  • Finished Projects

Moreover, in order to evaluate the Project Ideas, Ongoing and Finished Projects, the jury will consider these main aspects:

  • The overall impact of the project on the community, economy and local/regional policies;
  • The most effective project partnership;
  • The best innovative approach and methodology chosen;
  • The best communication and dissemination plan;

Rules and procedures

The Projects' leaders and their partners are invited to participate in the competition by registering to MyEuropa platform and submitting the details about their projects in ProjectsShowroom tool on MyEuropa. By doing so they are disseminating the project activities, produced materials and results and creating new possibilities for future projects.Every MyEuropa user can contribute to the platform activities; meeting and communicating with partners and discussing about funding sources as well as browsing and posting project ideas, ongoing and ended projects or promoting their events. Additionally, the results and outputs of each project activity can be disseminated and best practices can become matters of discussion and sources of inspiration for new projects.

Each project submitted for the Awards competition must contain the name and acronym of the project, a short description, its main goals, the activities, the partners and the territorial coverage. In addition, it is possible to add pictures, videos and other materials produced through the project, as well as to promote related events and discuss about the project topics.

The registration period for the first Awards edition covering the projects which contributed to civil society development will start on the 1st of June and the deadline will be on the 10th of November.

Selection procedure and prizes

All the MyEuropa members will be able to vote for projects they like through a "Like-system".

The projects which gain more than 50 "Likes" in all of the 13 categories mentioned above will pass the first selection process and will be presented before a jury of experts, who will decide the winners in the three categories; best project idea, best finished and ongoing project.

The winners of all three categories will receive different prizes as well as the Official EPA Award.




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